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Bruce Lee spent formative years in Seattle. He attended the University of Washington from 1961 to 1964, majoring in philosophy. Behind him is Lake Washington, the subject of many of his poems.
Courtesy of Wing Luke Museum/® & © Bruce Lee Enterprises, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

When Bruce Lee was an unknown, everyday guy

Before he was a martial arts icon, Bruce Lee was a poet, philosopher and fledgling instructor in Seattle. Now there’s an exhibit at the Wing Luke Museum that focuses on that time in his life.

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A view from unit 204, Spyglass Hill apartments
Sound West Group

In a setback for tech entrepreneurs trying to disrupt the rental housing market, Seattle City Council issued a one-year moratorium on apps that make people seeking housing bid against each other for apartments.

Online auction apps like Rentberry and Biddwell serve as a sort eBay for rental housing – how much the rent will ultimately cost isn’t known until the deal closes.

City Council members and housing advocates said the auctions could drive up the price of rental housing in an already-heated Seattle market.

Volunteer Anthony Lee reads with Elizabeth Rith on Wednesday, January 24, 2018, at Sanislo Elementary School in West Seattle.
KUOW Photo/Megan Farmer

The top job at Seattle Public Schools will open up in June, when superintendent Larry Nyland's contract ends. The school board is preparing to hire a new superintendent by the end of April.

Labor representatives, however, say the board needs to slow down and take time to involve people of color in the search process.

There’s a line in “Where’d You Go, Bernadette,” by Maria Semple, that triggers pained recognition among locals.

“The drivers here are horrible,” she begins. “They’re the slowest drivers you ever saw.”

Aleah Vo places cherry blossoms in Katherine Nguyen's hair before taking a photograph on Monday, March 19, 2018, on the University of Washington campus, in Seattle.
KUOW photo/Megan Farmer

It's that time of year again. Large crowds gathered on Monday to photograph the blossoming cherry trees at the quad on the University of Washington campus in Seattle.

Some Retailers Are Holding Your Returns Against You

20 hours ago

Shoppers and consumer advocates are up in arms after finding out that major retailers have been keeping closer tabs on them than they thought.

Retailers such as Best Buy, Victoria's Secret and The Home Depot have been working with a third-party organization to manage a database that determines which of their consumers should be banned from making returns, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Lawmakers in California will begin debate next month on a bill that would require doctors to screen new moms for mental health problems — once while they're pregnant and again, after they give birth.

But a lot of doctors don't like the idea. Many obstetricians and pediatricians say they are are afraid to screen new moms for depression and anxiety.

The inspiration arrived in a haze at a Paul McCartney concert a few years ago in San Francisco.

"People in front of me started lighting up and then other people started lighting up," says Matthew Springer, a biologist and professor in the division of cardiology at the University of California, San Francisco. "And for a few naive split seconds I was thinking to myself, 'Hey, they can't smoke in AT&T Park! I'm sure that's not allowed.' And then I realized that it was all marijuana."

Recruits from around the region, including Seattle Police Department, on the first day at the police academy.
KUOW Photo/Isolde Raftery

Marilyn Covarrubias said there are still a lot of things she doesn’t understand about why her son Daniel died in an encounter with Lakewood police officers in 2015. Like why the officers mistook his cell phone for a gun, why they didn’t seek medical help sooner after the shooting, and why they acted so quickly.

Javier Maldonado arrived at the jail around 8 a.m., July 20.

Police had charged him with trespassing, a misdemeanor, after they said Maldonado entered his neighbor’s apartment in Hood River, Oregon.

Maldonado was ordered to get fingerprinted at North Oregon Regional Corrections Facilities, the jail in The Dalles. And then he was supposed to be released.

Except the jail didn’t let him go.

Instead, officials at the jail locked him up because U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement sent documents asking jail staff to hold Maldonado in custody.

Stephen Hawking presenting at the Pacific Science Center in 2012.
Courtesy of Pacific Science Center

This week the universe lost one of its greatest minds.

Stephen Hawking, the renowned British physicist, helped explain the behavior of black holes and demystify the cosmos for all of us. And in 2012, Hawking came to Seattle to speak at the Pacific Science Center.



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